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Welcome to Turkey, a country that bridges two continents and which for over ten thousand years has been the home of the great cultures and civilizations of the world! When in Turkey, one is in the land of the 'Mother Sun', who gives her name to the land 'Anatolia'. The 8000- kilometer long seductive coastline displays limitless shades of 'Turquoise' for one to enjoy. The golden beaches, undiscovered virgin bays, and the whisper of gentle breezes await one there.

When you are in Turkey, you breathe the same air as Homer, who created the Aegean legacy and as Mevlana, the great philosopher, who said: 'Come again, come whoever you are!' And think of Yunus Emre, the great poet of universal love; Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra, who chose the Mediterranean coast of Anatolia for their honeymoon; Noah, who made possible the 'Second Life' of humanity; the saints Virgin Mary and St.John who found peace in this land; and Atatürk, the charismatic leader, who founded the contemporary Republic of Turkey; all have experienced the wonders of this mystical land.

This is a land, where the fabulous gods and goddesses of mythology lived their grandeur, where you have the chance to bathe in the waters, where the Aphrodite once bathed, or to celebrate wine festivals, which Dionysus had inspired. Many poets and painters lost their hearts to the diversity of this land. One moment you are in the Early Bronze Age, another you live the richness of the Roman Civilization, or you may feel yourself like a Sultan in the glamorous palaces of the Ottoman Empire. You are very welcome!